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Australian Institute for Functional Medicine
24 years of community service


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1. Health Appraisal Questionnaire

The Health Appraisal Questionnaire (HAQ) applies the wholistic principles of functional medicine to a quick and efficient diagnostic tool to evaluate every organ system and provide a complete symptom picture.

The completed questionnaire is assessed by computer and generates a report, which includes an easy-to-read graph  reflecting the health and integrity and organ reserve of the entire body.

The HAQ is a free service. To take the test go to metagenics website below and click on HAQ, when asked for practitioner number enter 36066. when completed email as below and advise having taken the test.

2. Metabolic Typing Questionnaire

Metabolic Typing is a paradigm shift in health-care. Instead of concentrating on the alleviation of symptoms Metabolic Typing builds health at a cellular level having regard for several essential and differing biochemical factors.

However, it is considered essential to attend  appropriately to existing gastrointestinal disorders, which if unattended would greatly impede progress.

Metabolic Typing

3. Metabolic Subtyping
Human beings are faced with a continuous burden of reactive chemical entities that are formed during biotransformation of foreign compounds, as well as from endogenous molecules.

The same complex biotransformational enzyme  systems, which protect us from these harmful substances have the potential to play a role in a wide array of serious illnesses, including cancer, fibromyalgia and immune dysfunction.


Womens Hormonal Balance is controlled by cytokines which if out of balance may down-regulate or up-regulate prescription medicines, nutrients, supplements and diverse biochemical functions.

Metabolic Subtyping

4. Consultation Online

The Institute provides an efficient online service for health matters relating to mental-emotional problems, which are not addressed by therapeutic or preventive supplements.

A small fee is charged to cover administrative costs and is available on request to: