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Australian Institute for Functional Medicine
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Comprehensive Health Appraisal Questionnaire

Key Benefits


Benefit 1.  The questionnaire applies the holistic principals of Functional Medicine to a comprehensive, user friendly and efficient diagnostic tool to evaluate every organ/tissue system and provide a complete symptom picture.


Benefit 2.  The computer generated report includes and easy-to-read graph reflecting the cellular health of the entire body, and includes evaluations of each organ system having due to consideration to both stress levels and exposure and/or sensitivity to environmental toxins.


Benefit 3. Simplification of accurate diagnostics with recommended therapeutic and preventive strategies plus a ongoing measure and record of patient health enhancement. Thus the patient becomes a partner in their health status and treatment with the advantage of written information allowing the individual to make informed decisions.

Once completed the final report is accessed by our Functional Medicine consultant who then recommends the appropriate supplements and life-style modifications, which if applied will ensure an improvement in the quality of life of the individual of at least 50%.

Cost online. $50.00AU.

                                                   Go to:

     on the navigation bar click on HAQ. Quote Practitioner ID number:36066
     When complete advise with name, date of birth and blood type.
 test and when completed notify
 Advise the Institute   at
with your name blood type and  date of birth.  We will then appraise the results and inform you by email.


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