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Australian Institute for Functional Medicine
24 years of community service


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 How to achieve health and vitality that you would not
 have believed possible.


You will learn:
Why the balanced diet is killing us.

Why most weight loss diets are unsustainable and potentially dangerous.

Why Diabetes is escalating out of control.

How you can prevent and effectively treat: Diabetes, Heart Disease, Inflammatory  Bowel Conditions, Obesity and almost all chronic illness conditions.

How you can achieve a guaranteed improvement in health of at least 50%

How you can have a biological age ten years below your chronological age.

How you can live longer with quality of life..

you will have more medically proven nutrition information than at least 97% of doctors.

This book is about

Energy,  Enthusiasm, Emotional Stability,
Stable Blood Glucose and Hormonal Control
The Balanced Diet

For whom is the diet balanced?
In the nearly three to four decades that the balanced diet has been promoted by Government and Private sectors, the incidence of chronic illness conditions has increased by approximately 40%.

In terms of killer diseases, Obesity and Diabetes have increased by 32% and 200% respectively, Cancer is escalating out of control, especially breast cancer for which there has been no decrease in mortality rates whatsoever for the past 60 years.

Over the past two years reliable medical research is accumulating, almost weekly, proving the potentially life-threatening outcomes of the high 60% carbohydrate diet, and in particular the cereal grain and bread consumption recommended by government health authorities, endorsed by the National Heat Foundation and Diabetic Association.

The balanced diet is graphically illustrated as a pyramid from the top listing:

Dairy & eggs


Vegetables & Fruit

Cereal, grains, bread, pasta

These are designed to supply:
 Carbohydrates 60%.
Protein 20%.
 Fats 20%.

The pyramid is the brain-child? of the United States Department of Agriculture.

This, I believe, is the greatest nutritional fraud ever perpetrated on our society!

That is only the beginning!


Balanced Diet Myth
Daily Bread?
Hunter Gatherer
Chronic Illness statistics
Medical Anthropology
Maladaptive Addiction
Differing Needs
Calcium Functions
Vitamin D
Calcium Robbers
Wheat Again
Proven Diets
X Factor
Ketogenic System
what to Eat
Functional Nutrition
Metabolic Typing
Risk Factor
Protein Requirements
Fats and Oils
ABO Blood Typing
Metabolic Subtyping

More than 16,000 words

Plus Bonus

Dietary Analysis Program

"The Mother OF All Diets"

Complete with PDF software manual, 63 pages and more.

just the best dietary intake analysis around.

You can easily control dietary intake and

measure calories

Know where your foods rate in the Glycemic Index

View the dietary pyramid

and much more including weight loss controls.




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