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Australian Institute for Functional Medicine
24 years of community service


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      To your road to Wellness through
Health Enhancement


The Institute, formed in 1981 by nutrition-oriented practitioners, is recognized by the  Australian Tax Office as a not-for-profit medical research and health promotion organization.


The Institute is committed to information sharing, which will enable the individual to make informed choices leading to favourable outcomes in the status of their physical, and mental/emotional health. 

Situational Analysis

This website contains well researched and documented information, in particular, about the treatment and prevention of gastro intestinal and hormonal problems, which are the main reason for hospitalisation in western society.

 The incidence of inflammatory bowel conditions has been escalating out of control for at least the past 50 years. 

Colon Cancer

The health authorities have recently stated that in the near future one in twenty four people will die of colon cancer. What of the number who survive, with diminished quality of life? And that is just one of very many forms of cancer. Almost all preventable.

In the fourteen to twenty five year age group the incidence of chronic illness conditions has increased over the past ten years from 66% to more than 70%  of that age group.

 It would be fair to say that in twenty years time the medical system will not be able to cope with the escalation of the killer diseases and chronic illness conditions of this age group in alone . Not that they cope even to day.

Why is this so? It has been documented that our "way of life" compounded by attitudes of apathy to health promotion and, in particular to the prevention of chronic illness conditions and killer diseases are the greatest barrier to health in our society

This applies especially at a level that is supposed, even perhaps expected, to set examples, i.e., Federal government level, where billions are spent endeavouring to prop-up a faltering health system without more than a paltry million or so allotted to proactive preventive strategies.


In July 2004 Diabetes Australia issued a press report, which revealed that an increase in diabetes in Australia of 50% was anticipated by the year 2010. hat currently one million Australians are diabetic and that approximately another one million Australians are undiagnosed diabetics. this is the trend worldwide according to the WHO.

Considering  that Diabetes has already increased by at least 200% over the past twenty years the latest estimates are indeed of great concern. It is also documented that 10% of diabetics die prematurely each year. That adolescents, especially boys are falling to type 2 diabetes, a disease previously affecting people forty years of age or more.

Cellular Nutrition 

When we understand that our health and the quality of life depend upon our state of cellular nutrition, it follows that not only what we eat but what effect that food has on our cellular nutrition is the most critical factor in our entire biochemistry; deciding our very  being, and the quality of life.

Therefore, we sincerely hope that the information shared here will enable the individual to obtain longevity and an improvement in the quality of life of at least 50%.  We sincerely recommend our Ebook "Functional Nutrition", which can assist you to obtain a quality of life and health that you may have thought unattainable.

Ottawa Charter

The Institute has at all times believed implicitly in and endeavored to adhere to, the principals of:

First International Conference on Health Promotion, Ottawa, 21 November 1986

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